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Welcome to Common Men Forum

NGO Working for Common Men

Aims and Objects: The aims and objects for which the Society is established are the following:

1. Work to achieve for the Development of Society by making Awareness Programmes and Campaings to provide :

Shelter, Education, Health, Environment, Basic Income and Basic Needs, Skill Development, Eradicating poverty, Unemployment, Eradicating Child Labour, Social Discrimination, Economical Discrimination, Spreading National Integrity, Social Development, Cultural Programmes, encourage organ donation, Blood Donations, Women Protection , Empowerment ,Child Education Support, Promoting and Development programmes for Agricultural , Handloom Sector, Handcrafts and Small Scale Industries,

Work for Development of Backward Slum area, Villages and Below Poverty Level Regions, Fight Against Corruption and Terrorism, and to do Signature Campaings, Surveys with the People.

i. Working with All NGO’s and Social Workers and others for Wealfare of Society.
ii. To disseminate information and knowledge, to edit, publish, and print literature and documents, maintain libraries, and to organize seminars/ conference/ meetings etc.

2. Development:

i. To promote social welfare activities with special emphasis on women empowerment and Child Development.
ii. To work for the betterment of weaker sections viz. Economical Poor, women, children, senior citizens, and disabled etc. with a vision of social justice and Economical Justice.
iii. To speed up the process of rural development and strengthen the agricultural, horticultural and animal husbandry sector.
iv. To eliminate child labour, child trafficking, and child abuse and focus on the education and resettlement of these deprived children.

3. To appoint members throughout all Region based on Designation or Portfolios for what they are designated.
4. To fight against social wrongs like discrimination and harassment based on gender, caste and class.
5. To create awareness among people about functions and powers and increase people’s participation in democratic institutions.
6. To fight against corruption and make people aware about their legal and rights.
7. To collaborate with corporate houses to fulfil their social responsibilities.

i. To spread awareness about safety Measures should be taken at working places of of people living at working and Road Safety.
ii. To work in the field of reproductive and child health services, AIDS, Child Labour, Bonded Labour, Non – Alcoholic.
iii. To create awareness about communicable and vector-borne disease control measures through better hygiene and sanitation.